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Tiers Level 1 $0 - $299 Perfect Strangers We just got introduced, but we see this turning into something beautiful. Level 2 $300 - $999 Cheer Squad Supporting you from the sidelines, we're watching you blossom. Level 3 $1,000 - $2,999 Gal Pals Two espresso martinis please. Level 4 $3,000+ Ride or Die Drinks turned into destiny, we're best friends for life.
Points for Purchase $1 = 10 points $1 = 10 points $1 = 10 points $1 = 10 points
Birthday reward 200 points 300 points 400 points 500 points
Anniversary rewards 10% off 10% off 10% off 10% off
Level Up discount X X X X
Surprise gifts X X X
Double points days X X
Events invite X VIP invite

$5 Discount

500 points

$10 Discount

1,000 points

$15 Discount

1,500 points

Free shipping voucher

1,500 points

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