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Proud Print Project

Australian fashion label Proud Poppy is on the search for a new print design

Australian fashion label Proud Poppy is on the search for a new print design to feature in its upcoming summer collections.  The winner of the Proud Print Project will receive a cash prize of $2,500, with $500 in runner up prizes. It comes following a range of collaborations between Proud Poppy and a range of artists and print designers such as Kasey Rainbow, Dustin Koa and Maggi McDonald. "Supporting up-and-coming creative talent is something that is really important to me,” founder Tara McKeon said. “Incorporating potentially uncovered artistic skills into our newest designs will not only support artists to be seen by eyes on a global scale, but also allows our customers access to art in the form of wearable pieces.  “It's a win win for everyone involved and something I am so excited to see come to life.” The creative brief for the competition can be found on the Proud Poppy website, with four print categories to choose from: Boho, Abstract, Conversational and Floral.  Entries close at 11:59pm on Sunday, May 5. Upon closure, Proud Poppy will create a shortlist and go out to its community to vote for their pick to put into production. Submissions must include a brief bio on the artist and their creative style, a design statement on their submission, and mood board for the design.  The competition is open to anyone over the age of 16, no matter their location. Proud Poppy is a direct-to-consumer brand, selling both online and in standalone stores, two in Queensland and one in Victoria. Its Toowoomba location is currently closed due to relocating. To visit this article, please use this link: 

Teacher Style

Teacher Style 101: Dressing Up the Classroom in Comfort and Style - No Matter Your Size

As educators, do teachers adhere to a dress code? How do they navigate the line between professional attire and personal expression? Let's dive into the world of teacher fashion and discover how dressing like a teacher can be both fun and fashionable, regardless of size. Tara - Proud Poppy Founder & Director wears the Tammin Shirt in Happy Place by Kasey Rainbow in a size 16 How Do Teachers Dress? So how do teachers dress? Teachers master the art of balancing comfort and style in their daily attire. With long hours spent in the classroom, comfort is key. Yet, they also strive to inspire their students through their fashion choices. From flowy pants in fun prints, to chic dresses, teachers embrace versatility in their wardrobe selections. At Proud Poppy, we celebrate teachers of all sizes with our diverse range of teacher dresses. Designed with comfort and style in mind, our collection features playful prints by Kasey Rainbow that add a pop of colour to the classroom. Whether you're a size 6 or 30 or anything in between, our dresses are tailored to empower every woman who wears them no matter what body type you are. Discover the Joy of Kasey Rainbow Prints Unleash your inner creativity with our Kasey Rainbow teacher dresses. From whimsical patterns to bold designs, these dresses exude charm and personality. Stand out in the staff room with eye-catching prints that spark conversation and inspire imagination.  Comfort is Key Comfort is Key! Long days in the classroom call for attire that prioritizes comfort without compromising style. Our Tammin shirts boast mid-length sleeves, a hi-low hemline, and a flowy silhouette, perfect for all-day wear. Pair them with our Larsa pants, featuring a wide-leg design and elastic waistband for ultimate comfort. Or perhaps dresses is more your thing - step into the spotlight with our Bonnie maxi dresses, available in a plethora of fun prints. Embrace the maxi style with confidence while enjoying the convenience of pockets for storing classroom essentials. Elevate your teacher wardrobe with these versatile and effortlessly chic dresses. Teacher Style and Fashion Teacher fashion is a delightful blend of comfort, professionalism, and personal flair. At Proud Poppy, we empower educators to express themselves through fashion, offering a curated selection of teacher dresses that combine style and functionality. Embrace the joy of dressing like a teacher and make a statement in the classroom and beyond. Teacher Dresses Online Australia For our Australian teachers, finding stylish and comfortable teacher dresses online in Australia has never been easier. Proud Poppy offers a wide range of teacher dresses that cater to all sizes and styles, ensuring that every teacher can find the perfect outfit for their classroom needs. Emily wears the Maddy Linen Blend Midi Dress in Lilac in a size 16 Global Reach and Community From the Aussie classroom to the US classroom and beyond, Proud Poppy extends its reach worldwide, catering to teachers everywhere. Our commitment to inclusivity and diversity transcends borders, as educators from various cultures and backgrounds embrace our brand. Through our global shipping services, teachers from across the globe can access our curated collection of stylish and comfortable attire designed specifically for the classroom environment. Join the Proud Poppy Community Join our amazing Proud Poppy community and showcase your teacher style on our social media platforms. We love seeing educators express their unique personalities through fashion! Tag us @proudpoppyclothing on Instagram for a chance to be featured on our feed and inspire fellow teachers worldwide. Or join our Proud Poppy VIP private Facebook group where our gorgeous community of women are sharing their thoughts and love for their favourite Proud Poppy pieces. Shop our Proud Poppy Teacher Outfit's Collection Need some inspiration? Whether you are a size 6, or size 30, or any size in between, we honestly have you covered here at Proud Poppy. Shop our Teacher's Outfits Collection or if dresses are more your thing, Shop our Teacher's Dresses Collection


"Hey! We're on national TV!" - As seen on Sunrise. Our morning with Sam Mac.

Did you catch us bright and early this morning on Channel 7's Sunrise with weather man Sam Mac? If you happened to be up with the very early this morning, you might have caught a glimpse of the fabulous, that was us - Proud Poppy on Channel 7's Sunrise! Yes, that's right – we were beaming into homes across Australia with the one and only weather man, Sam Mac. Talk about starting the day with a bang! We were were finalists in the prestigious Telstra Business Awards, and were so grateful for the opportunity to be shown on Sunrise. Our fearless leader, Tara, was live on air with Sam Mac and some of our incredible community of women, showcasing what Proud Poppy is all about. And let me tell you, it was a sight to behold! From sizes 6 to 30, we've got something for everyone, and we're not afraid to show it off on the big screen. Tara summed it up perfectly when she described Proud Poppy as an "inclusive women's fashion label." That's right – we're all about celebrating every body, every style, and every woman out there. Whether you're rocking a killer curve or embracing your petite frame, Proud Poppy is about bringing together a community of women, no matter what your size to shop together.  "We are a community first brand, and encourage women to live their best lives unapologetically themselves," A quote from Tara, her passion for empowerment evident in every word. Here at Proud Poppy, we're more than just a clothing brand – we're a movement. We believe in lifting each other up, celebrating diversity, and embracing authenticity. After all, life's too short to blend in when you were born to stand out! So, what's next for Proud Poppy, you ask? Well, who knows – the sky's the limit! But one thing's for sure: we'll keep shining bright, spreading positivity, and championing inclusivity in the world of fashion. Thanks for joining us on this wild ride.

Women Changing the World

Women Changing the World - Meet our founder Tara McKeon

"Why not you? So often we would encourage our friends and peers to put their names forward or to put there hat in the ring for something like this, but step back when it comes to recognising that you too are worthy of a win. So ask yourself, why not you? And just go for it!" - Tara McKeon


Aussie nurse hailed for ‘saving lives’ with sellout clothes brand Proud Poppy for ‘women of every size’ launches new collection

Following the birth of her son, former emergency nurse Tara knew it was a now or never moment for her business idea. An Aussie emergency nurse whose size-inclusive range has been credited with “saving women’s lives” has launched a new one-of-a-kind collection designed with the renowned First Nations artist Caitlyn Davies. Fashion lover Tara McKeon launched Proud Poppy after she was unable to find anything feminine and pretty that would fit and flatter her size 26 frame. Rather than swathe herself in ugly black leggings or a tent of fabric following the birth of her son Brodie, Tara - who was on maternity leave at the time - knew it was a now or never moment for launching her own business. “I wanted to create a store full of clothes that women of every size could wear,” Tara tells 7Life. “It was selfish in a way as I wanted to find clothes I could wear but, my maternity leave with my son was ending and I knew I had to give it a crack or go back to working nights. I decided, I can do this.” Proud Poppy has gone on to become a best-selling business across the country, with women saying it has been a “life saver” for those who want to look good, whatever their shape or size. The new range - the Dustin Koa Collection - has been created with stylish, conscious women in mind. The beautiful print on the dresses, blouses and trousers was designed by First Nations artist Caitlyn Davies The six pieces in the range tell the story of an area that is special to Caitlyn’s father’s upbringing, and the artwork traces the path from Broken Hill to Menindee Lakes, via Wilcannia, White Cliffs and Packsaddle. The print showcases the beauty of the region, while the purple line on each of the clothing items symbolises the flow of the Darling River. Prices range from $94.95 to $129.95, while 10 per cent of all proceeds will be donated to the Stars Foundation supporting Indigenous girls and young women to attend and remain engaged at school, complete year 12 and move into work or further study. Since launching Proud Poppy in August 2019, Tara has gone from success to success. While she admits it was slow to start, when Tara started stocking sizes upwards of 18, it wasn’t long before word spread and her social media following grew to 133,000 customers. Proud Poppy started principally as an online offering, but bricks and mortar shops soon followed. There are now three in total - two in Victoria and one in Queensland. “Last year we grew 100 per cent year-on-year,” Tara says, adding she was “shocked” by how fast it was happening. She says she now receives an order every 2.5 minutes. “Some of our ranges can sell out within two minutes,” she says. “My husband has quit his job in manufacturing to come on board with the business and we are ploughing everything we earn back into it to grow it even further. “We’ve worked really hard but I never thought Proud Poppy would get to this scale.” Those who have bought from Proud Poppy have waxed lyrical about the clothes and how they make all women feel special and stylish. “Buy one or buy all the dresses,” one reviewer writes. “That perfect dress you’ll find yourself reaching for all occasions. Great for bigger busted girls.” Another adds: “This dress is truly beautiful, and it feels great on too. I got a compliment from my seven-year-old: ‘Mum, you look beautiful, like a princess’. Thank you for making me feel nice about myself.” While a third says: “The perfect show-stopper dress! Makes you feel a million bucks like you just stepped off a fashion runway! Great arm coverage and nice length. Lightweight and comfortable to wear”.Tara has never returned to being an emergency nurse and says she is proud of the feedback she gets from women around the country. “What we do is beyond a dress,” Tara says. “Women comes to us and say this all the time. It blows me away.” Link to article>