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Teacher Style 101: Dressing Up the Classroom in Comfort and Style - No Matter Your Size

As educators, do teachers adhere to a dress code? How do they navigate the line between professional attire and personal expression? Let's dive into the world of teacher fashion and discover how dressing like a teacher can be both fun and fashionable, regardless of size. Tara - Proud Poppy Founder & Director wears the Tammin Shirt in Happy Place by Kasey Rainbow in a size 16 How Do Teachers Dress? So how do teachers dress? Teachers master the art of balancing comfort and style in their daily attire. With long hours spent in the classroom, comfort is key. Yet, they also strive to inspire their students through their fashion choices. From flowy pants in fun prints, to chic dresses, teachers embrace versatility in their wardrobe selections. At Proud Poppy, we celebrate teachers of all sizes with our diverse range of teacher dresses. Designed with comfort and style in mind, our collection features playful prints by Kasey Rainbow that add a pop of colour to the classroom. Whether you're a size 6 or 30 or anything in between, our dresses are tailored to empower every woman who wears them no matter what body type you are. Discover the Joy of Kasey Rainbow Prints Unleash your inner creativity with our Kasey Rainbow teacher dresses. From whimsical patterns to bold designs, these dresses exude charm and personality. Stand out in the staff room with eye-catching prints that spark conversation and inspire imagination.  Comfort is Key Comfort is Key! Long days in the classroom call for attire that prioritizes comfort without compromising style. Our Tammin shirts boast mid-length sleeves, a hi-low hemline, and a flowy silhouette, perfect for all-day wear. Pair them with our Larsa pants, featuring a wide-leg design and elastic waistband for ultimate comfort. Or perhaps dresses is more your thing - step into the spotlight with our Bonnie maxi dresses, available in a plethora of fun prints. Embrace the maxi style with confidence while enjoying the convenience of pockets for storing classroom essentials. Elevate your teacher wardrobe with these versatile and effortlessly chic dresses. Teacher Style and Fashion Teacher fashion is a delightful blend of comfort, professionalism, and personal flair. At Proud Poppy, we empower educators to express themselves through fashion, offering a curated selection of teacher dresses that combine style and functionality. Embrace the joy of dressing like a teacher and make a statement in the classroom and beyond. Teacher Dresses Online Australia For our Australian teachers, finding stylish and comfortable teacher dresses online in Australia has never been easier. Proud Poppy offers a wide range of teacher dresses that cater to all sizes and styles, ensuring that every teacher can find the perfect outfit for their classroom needs. Emily wears the Maddy Linen Blend Midi Dress in Lilac in a size 16 Global Reach and Community From the Aussie classroom to the US classroom and beyond, Proud Poppy extends its reach worldwide, catering to teachers everywhere. Our commitment to inclusivity and diversity transcends borders, as educators from various cultures and backgrounds embrace our brand. Through our global shipping services, teachers from across the globe can access our curated collection of stylish and comfortable attire designed specifically for the classroom environment. Join the Proud Poppy Community Join our amazing Proud Poppy community and showcase your teacher style on our social media platforms. We love seeing educators express their unique personalities through fashion! Tag us @proudpoppyclothing on Instagram for a chance to be featured on our feed and inspire fellow teachers worldwide. Or join our Proud Poppy VIP private Facebook group where our gorgeous community of women are sharing their thoughts and love for their favourite Proud Poppy pieces. Shop our Proud Poppy Teacher Outfit's Collection Need some inspiration? Whether you are a size 6, or size 30, or any size in between, we honestly have you covered here at Proud Poppy. Shop our Teacher's Outfits Collection or if dresses are more your thing, Shop our Teacher's Dresses Collection

Introducing: The Proud Print Project

We’re searching for the next big thing in print design - is it you? Calling all artists, graphic designers, print creatives and more - we’re on a mission to uncover the best up-and-coming creative talent, and our next big print for Summer!  SO, WHAT IS THE PROUD PRINT PROJECT? It’s a print project, by Proud Poppy!  We’re searching for our next big print for our Summer collections, and we want it to be from up-and-coming creative talent, as chosen by our community!    HOW DO I ENTER? No matter your creative style or background, we’ve got a creative brief with four category styles to choose from: Boho, Abstract, Conversational and Floral.   Download the full brief here and submit a print from any category by 11.59pm May 5th for consideration. Information on the deliverables and how to submit may be found in the brief.   Tara will then select her favourites for shortlisting, and we will put it to our amazing Proud Poppy community to vote for their fave from May 9th! WHAT’S UP FOR GRABS? The winning print will feature in a Proud Poppy summer collection and... $2,500 cash prize Naming rights to the print Every piece from your print collection Exposure to a global audience ‘About The Artist’ spotlight Access to any visual assets produced Runner Ups will receive a $500 cash prize   We truly can’t wait to see the magic you dream up for Proud Poppy! Good luck!  With love, the Proud Poppy Team x    For all the terms & conditions, click here.

Women Changing the World

Women Changing the World - Meet our founder Tara McKeon

"Why not you? So often we would encourage our friends and peers to put their names forward or to put there hat in the ring for something like this, but step back when it comes to recognising that you too are worthy of a win. So ask yourself, why not you? And just go for it!" - Tara McKeon


"Hey! We're on national TV!" - As seen on Sunrise. Our morning with Sam Mac.

Did you catch us bright and early this morning on Channel 7's Sunrise with weather man Sam Mac? If you happened to be up with the very early this morning, you might have caught a glimpse of the fabulous, that was us - Proud Poppy on Channel 7's Sunrise! Yes, that's right – we were beaming into homes across Australia with the one and only weather man, Sam Mac. Talk about starting the day with a bang! We were were finalists in the prestigious Telstra Business Awards, and were so grateful for the opportunity to be shown on Sunrise. Our fearless leader, Tara, was live on air with Sam Mac and some of our incredible community of women, showcasing what Proud Poppy is all about. And let me tell you, it was a sight to behold! From sizes 6 to 30, we've got something for everyone, and we're not afraid to show it off on the big screen. Tara summed it up perfectly when she described Proud Poppy as an "inclusive women's fashion label." That's right – we're all about celebrating every body, every style, and every woman out there. Whether you're rocking a killer curve or embracing your petite frame, Proud Poppy is about bringing together a community of women, no matter what your size to shop together.  "We are a community first brand, and encourage women to live their best lives unapologetically themselves," A quote from Tara, her passion for empowerment evident in every word. Here at Proud Poppy, we're more than just a clothing brand – we're a movement. We believe in lifting each other up, celebrating diversity, and embracing authenticity. After all, life's too short to blend in when you were born to stand out! So, what's next for Proud Poppy, you ask? Well, who knows – the sky's the limit! But one thing's for sure: we'll keep shining bright, spreading positivity, and championing inclusivity in the world of fashion. Thanks for joining us on this wild ride.

International Women's Day

Proud Poppy Stands For All Women

March 8th is International Women’s Day! This year's United Nation's theme is 'Invest in Women: Accelerate progress', something Proud Poppy has been doing in the fashion industry for (almost!) 5 years. To celebrate IWD and this year's theme, we sat down with some of the gorg women from our PP community who we admire that are pushing for change and accelerating progress in their own way (including our founder, Tara!) What does International Women's Day mean to you? A day to recognise the amazing strength we have as women that is so often underplayed in society. An opportunity to reflect on and admire women all over the world who are doing incredible things and changing the way of the future for better. Chicks rule.  What does ‘accelerating progress’ look like for you in your everyday life? At Proud Poppy we have been shaking things up in the fashion industry since day 1. For years, brands with much more power, budget and influence have been putting their lack of sizing and diversity in models down to lack of demand in the market or the inability of factories to produce a wider size range in garments. Well, we are proof that that's not true and that the only reason they choose not to increase their size ranges is because they don't want to. Simple. By us putting pressure on the big guys to do better - it's happening, slowly, but it's happening.  Who's a woman in your life you admire and why? My daughter Charlie. I love watching her step into her own light with more and more confidence each day. She keeps me focused on why I do what I do and the importance of encouraging women to love the skin they are in and being grateful for their bodies, no matter shape or size.  If there’s a piece of advice you could give to your younger self, what would it be? The only the opinion of you that matters is your own.  What’s something you want to say to the women of the world? Don't wait for a moment, make the moment. So often we see people waiting for the right moment to make a change or take action, be it new years day, Monday or the next day - make today your day and don't waste another day waiting for the right moment. The moment is now!  If you want more from Tara (and Proud Poppy!), you can follow us on on Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, or join our amazing Proud Poppy VIP Community on Facebook (if you're not already one of the 17k members!).     What does International Women's Day mean to you? It means making sure that all women are included. In this current global crisis we see war and famen in countries outside of Australia, and it's really important that we include all women; we include Palestinian women, we include Sudanese women, we include disabled women, we include Aboriginal women in the discussions. What does ‘accelerating progress’ look like for you in your everyday life? I want to see change happen in our lifetime. Often it takes a long while for equality to happen, we see this with the gender pay gap, we see this with disability violence... I think we need to accelerate progress so that we're not waiting for change before our lifetime is over. Who's a woman in your life you admire and why? My mum. She's strong, she's resilient, she's pretty fierce. She came to Australia in 1981 with my Dad to escape the Racial Segregation Law in South Africa. She's made an incredible life for herself - she's currently volunteering as a refugee support person in Albury and she's just making communities feel so welcome here. If there’s a piece of advice you could give to your younger self, what would it be? Stop working for free!  What’s something you want to say to the women of the world? Please don't apologise for the way you look, particularly when you have no makeup on. Your face and your appearance is beautiful and it deserves to be seen. If you would like to know more about Carly Findlay and the work she does, you can follow her on Instagram or visit her website (where you can also pick up one of her two books, 'Say Hello' and 'Growing Up Disabled in Australia!).     What does International Women's Day mean to you? IWD reminds me each year how far we have come and yet how far we still have to go for women globally.  Having a day just for women provides an opportunity to celebrate the many accomplishments of women and the essential contribution we make to the global community. It is also a day when we identify some barriers that still need to be removed for women to aspire and achieve their visions for their lives. What does ‘accelerating progress’ look like for you in your everyday life? For me personally, every day I am accelerating progress by running the CurvyAu community.  Both online and by hosting meetups across Australia.  Because when women feel seen, supported and celebrated regardless of their size, wonderful things can happen.  It’s a safe space where visibly plus size people can share experiences, offer advice, and celebrate their bodies.    Who's a woman in your life you admire and why? I can honestly say I am surrounded by women I admire, it’s hard to choose one. For this convo I’m choosing my friend Nat Alise is the most courageous woman I know. She lives life authentically and doesn’t worry about going against the grain, she’s passionate, kind and isn’t afraid to speak up.  Living life as a single woman is tough in so many ways, but she is also raising two mini humans on her own as well.  Nat is a hero in my eyes. We both work in the online space, she’s always someone I can call It’s a true friendship where we both uplift and inspire each other.  If there’s a piece of advice you could give to your younger self, what would it be? It’s a powerful and beautiful experience to think about what we would tell our younger self. My biggest advice to my younger self would be to understand that there are so many chapters in life that make up your story, the setting will always change and sometimes characters will only be around for a short time. The journey can be uncomfortable but follow your intuition.  Your instincts are right.  Just keep taking one step forward at a time.  What’s something you want to say to the women of the world? If I was to say something to the women of the world , I would share my favourite quote. Tell the story of the mountain you climbed as your words could become a page in someone else’s survival guide. Because you are never truly alone with what you are going through.  Sharing makes us feel less alone by connecting us with others who understand, empathise, and validate our experiences, fostering a sense of belonging and support. If you would like to know more about Sam and the work she does, you can follow her on Instagram at @CurvySam or @CurvyAu, @CurvySam on Tiktok, or support her Robes & PJ's business, HILDAS, via their website.     What does International Women's Day mean to you? It means not only celebrating and the achievements of women, but also looking at what is holding us back from equal and equitable opportunities; opportunities that lead us to thrive, grow, lean and excel with society. We also need to remember that every woman has a different experience in our society, and for me as a disabled Woman of Colour, it is really important that we take an intersectional lense to approach barriers and figure out how we can improve things and make sure that the marginalised women in society are not left behind.  What does ‘accelerating progress’ look like for you in your everyday life? It probably looks like how I can achieve my bigger goals, my bigger pictures, but using smaller milestones. It's also recognising that you don't have to progress every single day, it's okay to leave the rest, and sometimes I do need that break and that downtime. So knowing what my priorities are, and thinking about how if something didn't work out how I can improve for next time is how I accelerate progress.  Who's a woman in your life you admire and why? This is both a simple and tough one to answer, because growing up there was a distinct lack of women in leadership and media who I could look up to and relate to. However the one constant that has been, and probably always will be, is my mother. My Mum has always taught me how to be resilient and how to be adaptive, how to get back up after a fall (physically and mentally), and how to keep going after set backs. As a first generation migrant, there were a lot of challenges that we had to face, and honestly without her strength I don't think I would be the person I am today. If there’s a piece of advice you could give to your younger self, what would it be? Recognise your quirks, embrace them, and learn to use them as your strengths; because what makes you unique really is your superpower, and it gives you the capability to have a different perspective, bring a different voice to the table, so use them to your advantage.  What’s something you want to say to the women of the world? Alone we are incredible, and together we're even more powerful. When we come together, share our experience and uplift one another we become unstoppable. So next time you're in a room and at a table, look around and see who is not there and who is missing, and ask how you can make a difference and make space for the women who need to be there. If you would like to know more about Sara Shams and the work she does, you can follow her on Instagram at @nolegs_noworries or visit her website.