The Proud Poppy Story

Proud Poppy Clothing are passionate about providing affordable, on trend, inclusive fashion options to women from size 6 to 30.

Our Story

Proud Poppy Clothing was launched in August 2019 when store owner Tara (that’s me) finally made the decision to just “go for it” after months of questioning whether the “dream” was even possible to make a reality.

An emergency nurse by trade I was coming to the end of my two year maternity leave after the birth of my son Brodie so it was a now or never moment. A decision had to be made. And the decision was that life was too short not to follow your dreams!

How it all began...

Pregnancy and life in general had seen me gain over 60kgs weighing around the 140kg mark, squeezing into size 22s and just feeling lost and sad. The cycle of not being able to find beautiful and affordable clothing as my body changed, whatever the cause pushed me more and more into my shell. Not being able to shop in “regular” stores. Avoiding people from my past like the plague. Missing special occasions simply because there was nothing nice to wear that fit. I was miserable.

Speaking to some of my petite friends it struck a chord that my size 6 friends were surprisingly in the same position – except being forced to shop in the children’s section. It became so clear that a store like Proud Poppy Clothing is exactly what the women of the world needed. An affordable and stylish fashion store that was for ALL women. A store that was welcoming, inclusive and most importantly somewhere that we could all shop together.

How it grew...

Originally the idea for Proud Poppy Clothing was an online store – the dream of sending out a few orders weekly. But we grew. And we grew fast. We now have our own warehouse in Epping, 3 boutique stores! One in VIC - Doreen, and two in QLD, Burleigh Heads and Toowoomba. We post hundreds of orders out weekly worldwide!

We are only just at the start of our journey and are so excited to grow our range and what we can offer women all over the world. Something we never could have done without your love and support.

We have a beautiful following of over 125k of like minded, positive women who we refer to as our family. Because that’s exactly how it feels. We support each other through all walks of life and we look dahm good while doing it!

So thank you for stopping by. I think you will like it here.

Thank you for supporting us to make a difference in the fashion world. And for making my dream a reality. Together, we’ve got this.

Tara xx