Permanent Vacay Tanning Foam by Noosa Naked

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Noosa Naked's new and highly improved Permanent Vacay colour correcting tanning foam is here!

Violet Base for a rich, deeper tan. Perfect for warmer skin tones or those who want a deep, dark tan. Colour correcting to neutralise yellow/golden undertones for a rich brown tan, with added oils to provide nourishment & hydration. Natural, non toxic formula with 100% Organic and natural DHA

Whether you’re seeking that natural glow or desire a deeper bronzed bod the choice is yours, simply by varying your developing times. Leave for 2-5hrs for a deep dark tan. Feel free to add a second layer for an even richer glow.

  • Paraben Free
  • Vegan
  • 100% Natural DHA

How to Use

Prior to application, ensure skin is clean from any perfumes, moisturisers, deodorants or makeup

  • Apply a small amount of scent free moisturiser to ankles, knees, elbows and palms of hands

  • Shake bottle and pump 1-3 clouds of foam onto your tanning mitt

  • Start at the legs and work your way up to the main areas of the body in long circular strokes only using a few pumps at a time to ensure an even application

  • With the excess on your mitt, apply to ankles, feet, hands and face or try our holiday drops for your face.

  • Wear loose clothing during development time

  • Light complexion: Leave 4 hrs for a light tan or 6hrs for a darker tan.
  • Medium complexion: Leave 3 hours for a light tan or 5 hours for a darker tan.
  • Dark complexion: Leave 2 hrs for a light tan or 6hrs for a deep dark tan.

Upon completion of your chosen processing time, shower with cool water whilst avoiding the use of any soaps, scrubs or body washes. Use a towel to gently pat dry. Proceed to allow the tan to continue to develop for 24hrs before the use of moisturisers or body washes. If you can avoid leaving your tan overnight this will ensure your skin does not get to dry from the tan and results in the best colour.

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