Frequently Asked Questions

Proud Poppy FAQ’s

Yes of course! We want you to absolutely love your Proud Poppy order. To read more about our Return Policy, you can click this link T&C's apply.

Returns and exchanges are now even easier! You can head to our Return Page and click the pink button to lodge your return online.

If you live locally, you can also drop your return off to us to our Epping warehouse to save on postage. Let our Customer Care team know when you're coming in and they can organise this ahead of time for you.

If you head into any of our stores our team would be more than happy to assist you with a return or exchange.

You are more than welcome to pop into any of our stores and exchange or return your item for something else. Please note a direct exchange of your item may not be available as our stores only hold about 20-30% of what is available online.

If you don’t have any luck finding something to return or exchange your item for, you can return your item for a store credit which can be used both in store and online. The great thing about these credits is they last for 3 years, so they are great to keep up your sleeve for next time. Please note our stores cannot process refunds.

You can certainly drop your return at our Epping warehouse to save on postage, but we can’t process an exchange on the spot. You can exchange on the spot at any of our stores.

Items in this section are heavily reduced and deemed as final sale and unfortunately, these are not eligible for return or exchange. A great option you do have available is to jump on our official Proud Poppy Buy/Swap/Sell Facebook page and see if one of our customers would like to purchase this directly from you at the discounted amount! 

If your sale item is faulty, please reach out to us at and we can assist you.

You can reach out to us we can assist you with the next steps. Please also include an image so that we can understand the issue you’re experiencing.

We always try to get our popular items back in stock as soon as we can if our customers request it.

We highly recommend signing up to our restock notifications online to be notified by email once your desired style and size is back in stock. On the odd chance we receive a return, you will be notified, and if you are quick enough may be able to purchase your desired style/size ahead of us releasing a full restock.

To sign up, simply visit the product page, select your size, click the 'email me when available' button and follow the prompts to sign up.

Tara, our gorgeous business owner, checks our back in stock app quite frequently, so this helps us to determine what our beautiful community wants to see from us again!

Alternatively, you can also join our Official Proud Poppy Buy/Swap/Sell Facebook page to see if anyone is willing to part ways with theirs.

If a product is marked *RESTOCK COMING SOON* we estimate a restock within 4-6 weeks, if all goes to plan.

If you sign up to be notified once we restock an item, then whether we do a full restock or just list a few items from returned orders, all customers that are signed up for that size are automatically notified. So unfortunately, if you are not quick enough, they can sell out again very quickly.

This is an automated email that is sent out when your order is ready to be picked up.

It's triggered when your order is wrapped here in our warehouse. Your order should still be here waiting for you to collect.

As we work with a variety of brands and manufacturers, we do not have a universal size chart as it can slightly vary between garments. 

In every description we try to be as accurate as to if something is generous, true to size or runs smaller. We also try to have an individual measurement chart on every product to assist with sizing. We recommend referring to these to find your best fit.

Our measurements are in centimetres and are taken as a flat lay unless otherwise stated, this means the garment is laid flat and measured across. So you would need to measure yourself and either halve the measurement or measure something that you're comfortable wearing and measure it as a flat lay.

The bust is measured from underarm seam to underarm seam.

If you're still not 100% sure, feel free to send through your measurements to and we'd be happy to help guide you towards a match.

Measurements may differ between styles (same style, different prints) as they sometimes come from different suppliers and manufacturers.

You sure can! When you are about to place an order and you’re at the checkout, under ‘delivery method’ select ‘pick up’ and choose the only available option which is our Epping Warehouse, 606 Edgars Road, Epping.
Once you receive your order number in your confirmation email, just email us or message us on our website live chat to let us know your order number and that you’d like your order to be transferred to our Doreen Store.

We aren’t currently offering local pick-ups at our Burleigh Heads or Toowoomba stores.

Poppy Perks Rewards FAQ’s

Poppy Perks is a loyalty program for our community. It is our way of showing you how much we appreciate you! Once you join Poppy Perks, you can earn Proud Points on purchases and also by completing other activities such as following us on Facebook, leaving a review and much more. Proud Points can also be redeemed for Rewards. The more you collect, the more you’ll benefit. We’ll also celebrate your birthday and our anniversary together with a special voucher just for you.

You can create an account here. Did we mention it’s free to join? Once you create an account with the Poppy Perks Rewards you can sign in and check your Proud Points balance.

We’ve got plenty! Since our Poppy Perks Loyalty Program is a tiered program, it allows you to earn more perks the more you engage and shop with us. Not only can you be earning Proud Points that you can then swap for $ vouchers or free shipping, but you can also get early access to sales, exclusive members only sales, birthday and anniversary rewards and plenty more perks! To see our full list of inclusions in Poppy Perks, you can have a read here.

You can earn Proud Points by buying your favourite pieces on either our website or in any of our stores.

Proud Points will be calculated at $1 spent = 1 Proud Point accumulated. We will also have a few activities you can complete to earn some bonus Proud Points such as following us on Facebook or by leaving a review on our website. We’ll also throw in some Double Point Days where you’ll earn 2 Proud Points for every $1 spent.

Great question! You can sign into your account and it will display which tier you’re in. Then you can check to see the perks available to you.

You will be placed in a tier based on the Proud Points you’ve earned in the last 12 months. 

If you have earned up to 399 Proud Points in the last 12 months then you’ll find yourself in the Perfect Strangers Tier. 

If you have earned between 400 and 1999 Proud Points in the last 12 months, then you will find yourself in the Cheer Squad tier.

If you have earned between 2000 and 3499 Proud Points in the last 12 months then you will find yourself in the Gal Pals tier.

If you have earned over 3500 Proud Points in the last 12 months then you will find yourself in the Ride or Die tier.

You can redeem your Proud Points for vouchers that you can then put towards your next purchase. You can redeem:

250 Proud Points for a $5 discount voucher.

500 Proud Points for a $10 discount voucher or free shipping voucher

750 Proud Points for a $15 discount voucher

We love celebrating birthdays here at Proud Poppy HQ and yours is no exception! In fact, if you let us know when your birthday is, then we’ll send you a voucher between $5-$30 depending on the tier you’re in. You’ll just need to let us know your birthday at least 30 days in advance to make sure we have plenty of time to prepare the celebrations.

Not only do we just celebrate birthdays, we also want to celebrate our Anniversary Month with you -  how romantic! We’ll send you a voucher between $5-$30 depending on the tier you’re in.

If you can’t tell, we love to celebrate around here! Which is why we want to celebrate when you join Poppy Perks and every time you move up to the next tier. 

When you first sign up to Poppy Perks, you will receive a $5 discount code.

When you move up to Cheer Squad, you’ll receive a $10 discount code.

When you move up to Gal Pals, you’ll receive a $15 discount code.

When you move up to Ride or Die, you’ll receive a $30 discount code.

The expiry on your rewards is based on the tier you’re in.

If you’re in Perfect Strangers, you’ll have 14 days to use your Birthday Reward, Anniversary Reward and Welcome Reward.

If you’re in Cheer Squad, you’ll have 30 days to use your Birthday Reward, Anniversary Reward and Welcome Reward.

If you’re in Gal Pals, you’ll have 40 days to use your Birthday Reward, Anniversary Reward and Welcome Reward.

If you’re in Ride or Die, you’ll have 60 days to use your Birthday Reward, Anniversary Reward and Welcome Reward.

Double Point Days are so fun! Usually, you’ll be earning 1 Proud Point for every $1 you spend but with Double Point Days you’ll be earning 2 Proud Points for every $1 you spend! We have a few Double Point Days mapped out in our calendar, and we’ll send you an email a day or two beforehand to let you know when one is coming up. To access our Double Point Days, you’ll need to be in our Gal Pals and Ride or Die tiers.

So I hear you have bought something amazing recently and you want to shout it from the rooftop? Well we have a much safer alternative than climbing up high on a rooftop, you can leave a glowing 5 star review on our website on that particular product page. Simply find the item on our website and where we have the description written, you will see two other tabs, Shipping and Reviews, you’ll need to select Reviews. Once in this tab, you can select Write a Review. Simply fill out your name, email and select how many stars you’d rate this item out of 5. Then include a review title and then the most important part, your review! Not only will you have helped someone else with their purchase but you’ll also score yourself 100 Proud Points. 

You can leave a review anytime you like but please keep in mind that being awarded 100 Proud Points for a review will be capped to once per day.

When you find a store you love, you HAVE to share it with your besties! That’s why we have set up a generous referral program that looks after you and your besties. If you have a friend who hasn't heard of Proud Poppy before then you can send them a special link that will give them a $20 voucher. Once they make their first purchase of $100 or more, you will receive a $20 voucher.

If you’re unsure if you have an account, you can email the Customer Care team at If you have more than one customer account with us, we recommend that you continue to use just one account when shopping with us to make sure your Proud Points are accumulating on one account only. If you have accidentally accumulated Proud Points on multiple accounts, we are only able to merge them once.

We want you to feel fabulous when you wear our pieces, so if something isn’t feeling right then of course you’re welcome to return it for a store credit. When you return something for a store credit you will still keep the Proud Points earned on that purchase, however, you will not receive new Proud Points when your gift card is redeemed on another purchase. For example, if you purchase a dress for $80, you will earn 80 Proud Points. If you then return that dress you will receive a store credit for $80 and still keep your 80 Proud Points. If you then purchase a skirt for $100 and use your $80 voucher and pay the remaining $20, then you will earn 20 Proud Points.

Since you earn Proud Points with dollars spent, you will lose Proud Points for every dollar refunded.

If you have earned enough Proud Points to enter a new tier, then you will stay on that tier for 12 months. You can still use your Proud Points to redeem them for discount vouchers whilst you are on that tier without worrying about dropping back down. We can’t have you bouncing all over the place, we think you should stay in the tier you have earned your way into by being such a loyal and loving customer over the previous 12 months.

When your Proud Points accumulated crosses the tier threshold, you will receive an email welcoming you into the new tier and outlining all your new perks. You will also receive a Welcome Reward for you to use towards your next purchase.

Once you enter a new tier, you will remain in that tier for 12 months. If after this time you don’t make any new purchases your points will start to expire and you will be downgraded to the tier that matches your activity in the last 12 months.

Yes, of course you can still return your item if it’s not right for you. Please keep in mind that the discounts are only redeemable once and are non-refundable/non-transferable. If you are returning the entire order for a store credit, we will credit you a store credit for the total dollar amount spent after the discount was applied. When you receive a store credit, you will keep the Proud Points acquired on the order but will not earn Proud Points when you use that store credit on a new order. If you return part of the order for a store credit, your discount amount will be applied proportionally across each item purchased, based on the percentage each item represents of your total purchase and the store credit amount for the return will reflect that. 

Your redeemed Proud Points will not be returned to your account. Any Proud Points earned on the items you have kept on this purchase (i.e. not returned) will remain on your account.

If you’ve made multiple purchases under different email addresses associated with the Poppy Perks program, we can combine your Proud Points over to one email address. Please note, we will only be able to combine them once, so be sure to take note of the email address you frequently use to make purchases. We will also block the other email addresses so you don’t accidentally purchase using the incorrect email.

If you are having trouble with your Poppy Perks account, please reach out to the Customer Care team at

You will not earn Proud Points if you use a store credit or gift card on your purchase. You will also forfeit any points earnt if you return a faulty item for a refund.

If you’ve made a purchase that doesn’t involve a gift card, store credit or a refund due to a faulty item and you haven’t received Proud Points for your order and you believe you are eligible, please reach out to the Customer Care team at

If after 24 hours you still don’t see your Proud Points in your account, don’t worry!

Please reach out us at

You can only earn Proud Points on purchases made with a debit card or credit card. Purchases made with a gift card  will not earn Proud Points toward your account. If you use both a gift card and a debit/credit card on an order you will only earn Proud Points on the amount paid by the debit/credit card.

You can redeem your Rewards by logging into your Poppy Perks account. Once logged, you will see a sticky bar at the bottom of every page with information on your point balance and the rewards available to you.

Yes, absolutely! Any purchase you make with us, whether online or in any of our stores, will count towards your Poppy Perks account and you can earn Proud Points. You can also redeem your rewards in store as well.

You can log into your account here select "Points Program" and take a peek at the Poppy Points you’ve collected.